Unmanned aerial vehicle

UAV  are usually controlled using remote control, guidance or autopilot. It can be used in scientific research, site exploration, military, leisure and entertainment purposes.

RC Cars

RC (Radio Controlled) cars require specialized batteries to run efficiently and sustainably. There are several factors to consider when using a battery for an RC car, including battery type, voltage, capacity, and specific usage scenarios (e.g., casual gaming vs. competitive racing).

Car jumpstarter

Car jumpstarter, also called “car emergency starting power supply”. A portable starting power supply that integrates power supply and charging functions. It can help the car start in an emergency when the car stalls and breaks down and cannot be started. It can also charge digital devices such as mobile phones and tablets anytime and anywhere.

Electric Vehicle

Here the electric vehicles mainly for electric two-wheelers, such as electric-scooters, electric bicycles, electric wheelchairs, electric motorcycles, golf cars, etc.

Based on the more and more activities and government initiatives towards controlling rising air pollution levels, electric vehicles are becoming more popular transportations.

All electric vehicles are installed with lithium ion battery for repeat use or replacement because of special characteristics:

Smart wearable device

Wearable devices are products controlled by electronic components and software that can be incorporated into clothing or worn on the body like accessories. Now, plenty of wearable devices have been invented, smart glass and watches are the major members.

Because of lithium-ion/polymer battery has flexible dimension and more energy density, it can support both smaller dimension and much power, so lithium ion/polymer battery is widely applied to smart wearable devices.

Bluetooth speaker

Portable Bluetooth/wireless speaker is an amplifier and loudspeaker with Bluetooth wireless connectivity to stream music from another devices, lithium ion/polymer batteries are essential part to Bluetooth speaker:

Handheld devices

Handheld devices are expected to withstand extreme climatic and environmental conditions with lightweight and longevity. We collaborate deeply in the design and manufacture to support your interchangeability, drop-test, waterproof, and temperature needs.

Handheld devices include Point-of-Sale Terminal(POS), portable printer, portable scanner, mobile computer, etc.

Personal care products

Personal care products include electronic shavers, electronic toothbrushes, electronic clippers/trimmers, oral water pick, and electronic cosmetic-type applications.

Wireless communication

Wireless communication products include two way radio(walkie talkie), cordless phone, etc.

Smart phone

With 5G becoming a reality, smartphones become increasingly more indispensable to human life, and smartphone nowadays offer way beyond communication functions. The APPs, data communication, gaming and computing markets are continuously evolving, creating steady demand for safer, more powerful and rapid charging batteries.

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