Battery charge and discharge rate

Battery charge and discharge rate: the size of the charge and discharge current is usually expressed by the charge and discharge rate , the unit is generally C (short for C-rate)

charge and discharge rate = charge and discharge current / rated capacity ;

For example, a battery with a capacity of 11Ah: 

Discharge with 22, the discharge rate is 2C, on the other hand, discharge at 2C, the discharge current is 22A, and the discharge is completed in 0.5 hours;

charging with 5.5A, the charging rate is 0.5C. Conversely, when charging at 0.5C, the charging current is 5.5A, and the charging is completed in 2 hours;

Battery charge and discharge rate, 1C, 2C, 0.2C,0.5C is the battery charge and discharge rate: a measure that indicates the speed of charge and discharge. The capacity used is called 1C discharge when it is discharged in 1 hour; it is called 1/5=0.2C charge when it is charged in 5 hours.

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